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 Заголовок сообщения: MiniVS - A Vampire-Slayer Port [Last Update: 23/06/2020]
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MiniVS - A Vampire-Slayer port

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☉ Description

MiniVS is a port of Vampire-Slayer as a mini-mod for Half-Life multiplayer. Players won't need to download anything outside of the game to play on your server.

☰ Commands

  • say !team - Show team menu.
  • say !class Show class menu.
  • sv_restart - Restart the game, both teams scores are reset.
  • sv_restartround - Restart the round.
  • mp_roundtime <value> - Round time in seconds. Default: 180.

☰ Requirements

☉ Preview

⤓ Download

In case you don't know how to compile the plugins, you can download the full release in Releases page.

  • Full package contains compiled plugins with Orpheu and WeaponMod ready to use.
  • Maps package contains the map pack for MiniVS.

⚙ Installation

  1. Install everything required before you install MiniVS or nothing will work.
  2. Download the attached files and extract them in valve folder.
  3. Compile all the files and save them in your plugins folder.

Now you are ready to play MiniVS.

⛏ To do

  • ☐ Add CTC mode (Capture the Cross) and mode where slayers need to destroy all coffins.
  • ☐ Add missing weapons for Molly and Eightball.
  • ☐ Add missing powers for Louis and Nina.
  • ☐ Add human decapitation.
  • ☐ Add reload animations for third-person mode (Hack this by changing the animation extension).
  • ☐ Add motorcycles.
  • ☐ Improve bots support. RCBot works but slayers don't know how to kill vampires.

☆ Thanks to:

  • KORD_12.7 for his HL Stocks and HL Weapon Mod.
  • BIGs & X-RaY for the KSG-12 weapon.

☉ Notes

  • The mod has multi-language support. You can translate the plugin into any language editing minivs.txt file found in lang's folder.
  • Corpses limit has been raised to 8. Default is 4.
  • This weapon mod version crashes with some maps. Using the latest one fixes the issue, but it doesn't work with latest HLDS build.
  • The maps in the mapcycle work out of the box. I do not guarantee anything with the others ones.

Please, feel free to create any issues or pull requests, any feedback will be appreciated.

I will like to make clear that I will not continue with the development of this plugin unless someone gets interested, mostly because I'm motivated to pursue another projects outside from HL.

MiniVS-0.3-src.zip [4.42 МБ]
Скачиваний: 134

Zombie Mod X | AG Mod X | HL Player Models API
@Discord: rtxa#6795
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