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Decrypt goldsrc network traffic to see command actions
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Автор:  noob7331 [ 18 май 2018, 06:59 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Decrypt goldsrc network traffic to see command actions

for now i trying get command names from raw packets (i get from my raw socket c program)
i success read first two letters of command name (second letter has some problem too)
but i cant read more than 2 letters, i tried learn algorithm but looks its not like same with first two letters
i want print all command name to terminal, from just one client->server raw packet



Автор:  noob7331 [ 23 июл 2018, 00:30 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: i need answer about my questions (goldsrc network)

i found it, i will type to here for other people

there is two function for network packet
COM_Munge2 for encrypte
COM_UnMunge2 for decrypte

hw.so has these functions but i will dont post reversed functions to here maybe is can be illegal
if you want do same thing, you have to find your way


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